Principles and Beliefs

Fragmentation of Agricultural Land

Action for Agriculture is opposed to the loss and fragmentation of agricultural land and believes that these lands should be left intact.

Action for Agriculture is opposed to first parcel out and farmstead separation subdivisions as they fragment agricultural land and introduce residential land uses that conflict with agricultural operations. The long term property boundaries and land use should not be permanently altered to accommodate the temporary life events of retirement or estate planning. Long term leases of the working portion of the land should be the alternative to Farmstead separations.

Action for Agriculture supports Land Use Framework strategies for conservation and stewardship of private and public lands, efficient use of land to reduce the footprint of human activities on Alberta's landscape, and the Biodiversity Monitoring program.

Compatible Land Uses

Action for Agriculture believes that property rights must be considered in land use planning. The land use designations should only be changed to enable long term planning of property development that benefits the municipality.

Action for Agriculture does not support Country Residential or Recreational Developments because of the inherent conflict with Agricultural Operations. Conflict already exists between agricultural lands and these developments. Developments must be based on sound, practical, economic and environmental criteria with appropriate taxation systems in place.

Action for Agriculture believes that residential developments within agricultural areas should not be considered.


Action for Agriculture does not support any assessment of business tax on local agricultural operations until a comprehensive study is completed to assess the ramifications.

Action for Agriculture believes that all new developments should be financially self-sustaining for an initial period of 10 years by paying a one time levy to cover the costs of schools, roads, emergency services, water, sewer and recreation facilities.


Action for Agriculture does not support any effort which would result in recreational activities on agricultural lands. We believe there has been sufficient contribution and facilities on Crown lands throughout the province to accommodate people's demands.

Amended March 5, 2010