Rocky View Agri-Environmental Incentive Program

Post date: May 19, 2012 1:19:37 PM

Rocky View County Agricultural Services has created a new incentive program to promote sustainable and environmentally beneficial practices. This program runs on a first-come first-serve basis while funding is still available. 

Up to $2,000 will be available to help producers undertake five specific projects including:

• Off-setting the cost of building a pasture sprayer or purchase and use of a nozzle to spray headlands (up to $250)

• Off-setting the rental charge for using the County’s pasture sprayer (up to $250)

• Off-setting the cost of identifying and decommissioning old water wells (up to $1,500) when performed by an approved company or contractor

• Off-setting the cost of range and riparian health assessments conducted by Cows and Fish or County staff providing a range and riparian health assessments (up to $500, when Cows and Fish assessment is completed)

• Off-setting the cost of new high-powered light-emitting diode (LED) warning light systems for safely moving farm equipment on public roads (up to $250)

For more information contact: 

Kendra Tippe