Biobeds tackle pesticide waste, boost consumer trust

Post date: Jan 20, 2019 3:12:59 PM

An inexpensive and effective Swedish invention, known as a biobed, is likely an unfamiliar term for Canadian farmers. It is a below ground or above ground site where a sprayer is filled, tested and cleaned. The waste water from these processes is filtered into a biomix, which contains millions of microbial bodies that drive bioremediation, or the breaking down of pesticide waste.

The biomix consists of three ingredients: straw, soil, and peat-free compost.

“The key ingredient is straw, which forms a white mould that facilitates the microbial breakdown of pesticide waste,” Wolf said.

He said the end result of the bioremediation process is pure soil and clean water, which could actually be used for subsequent spraying or washing.