AFSC streamlines – crop inspection

Post date: Apr 26, 2017 9:59:12 PM

Minister of Agriculture and Forestry Oneil Carlier issued the following statement after meeting Alberta crop commissions and discussing farmers’ concerns on unharvested crops:

“Growing up on a farm, I know farmers work hard to bring the best yield of crops every year, but sometimes their best efforts could be subjected to the vagaries of weather and markets.

“I heard the concerns brought forward by the crop commissions and I commend them for reflecting the views of their members because I value farmers’ input on how we can best address this situation I am committed to meeting with them again.

“Balancing the need to expedite crop insurance claims with protecting producers’ hard-earned premium payments is important to me. That’s why I’ve asked the Agriculture Financial Corporation Services (AFSC) to streamline inspection procedures to assist insured producers in completing planned harvests. I’ve also asked that the agency be prepared to move quickly if conditions don’t improve.

“These actions will help producers spend less time worrying about last year’s crop, and more time preparing for the coming growing season.

“AFSC has always provided good support for our farmers and I have asked that they provide me, as soon as possible, with a fulsome assessment of the current situation and with a plan to expedite crop insurance assessments.

“The success of our farmers and our rural communities is essential to Alberta’s success, and through existing programs and services our government is committed to helping farmers make their lives better.”