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Take Action!

Here are some ideas on what you can do to save our precious working lands here in Alberta:
  1. Join Action for Agriculture. Our group is one of the pioneering organizations dealing with preservation of working lands and smart growth in Alberta. Membership entitles you to receive our newsletters, participate in an always-topical annual meeting, access many collective years of experience and information on the land-use planning process in our own province, and become involved in this important work at the grassroots level.
  2. Support agriculture. Learn more about this incredibly diverse industry that affects us all. Buy Alberta-made products. Tell a farmer or rancher in your area that you appreciate what they are doing and be seen as a visible ally of this great industry.
  3. Get involved locally. Learn more about what is happening with land-use planning in your area. Read the MD/County bulletins in your local newspaper and provide input where possible. Contact your local councillor and the Agriculture Service Board to find out about current concerns and issues. Join your ASB or consider running for election in local politics. Contact your MLA and MP and make your views on the issue of agricultural land preservation known.
  4. Find out more. Read journals and books, see videos, and surf the web to increase your knowledge of land-use planning. Run across an interesting article? Let us know.
  5. Act what you think. Give some critical thought to your quality of life - reduce road rage (and sprawl) by living closer to where you spend most of your time working and shopping.
  6. Plan for the future. Well thought-out estate plans can help to guarantee that the future of your community includes agriculture. Look into land trusts, and planned giving programs.
  7. Make a donation. Support smart growth and sustainable land-use planning by making a donation of either time or money to grassroots groups working on this issue. Groups like Action for Agriculture operate on extremely small budgets and often with a tiny core of volunteers - by donating, you will become an important part of getting this valuable message out to even more individuals, government groups, planners and developers.