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Alberta Biodiversity Monitoring Institute

posted Feb 9, 2015, 2:13 PM by Action for Agriculture
At the University of Alberta, the Alberta Biodiversity Monitoring Institute (ABMI) conducts world-class monitoring of more than 2000 species and habitats to support decision making about provincial biodiversity. ABMI tells the factual story of Alberta's wildlife and ecosystems through the highest quality data and information. Explore data on biodiversity in Alberta by following this link.

One of ABMI's initiatives is the Ecosystem Services Assessment (ESA). The goal of the project is to develop a system to assess and map ecosystem services across Alberta to better understand how planning and management decisions affect the landscape and increase benefits to Albertans. To watch an informative video, 'Valuing the Benefits we Receive from Nature' please click here.

This information was brought to our attention by the  seawa.ca February newsletter. The SEAWA Watershed Planning and Advisory Council (WPAC) was built on a foundation set by the Citizens Water Study Group in 2006. This led to the establishment of the watershed stewardship group Prairie River Stewards, and then to the Initiator’s Group, and in turn to SEAWA. The South East Alberta Watershed Alliance (SEAWA) was formed in 2007, and incorporated as a non-profit Society in 2008.