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A farmer’s journey with mental illness

posted Oct 16, 2020, 7:02 AM by Action for Agriculture

Growing up in rural Alberta, discussions about mental health were never a part of Sean Stanford’s life.  

“Farmers are usually the kind of people who don’t talk about their feelings,” shares the 36-year old grain farmer, who lives and works near the town of Magrath, a community south of Lethbridge.  

“They’re usually [straight]-to-the-point hard workers, and there’s no time for that kind of [stuff],” he says, reflecting on his experiences as a farmer and someone who personally deals with mental illness. “That’s kind of the way it’s always been, and I never thought of it any differently.” 


To learn more about men’s mental health or how to reach out to someone who’s struggling, visit- www.suicideinfo.ca/resource/men-and-suicide/ or https://alberta.cmha.ca/news/men-mental-health-how-to-start-the-conversation-about-your-mental-health/ or https://www.domore.ag/